Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Polka Dots and Matching Stripes | SOLD OUT!

Hi! My fabrics have been sold out! Thanks for the support!! I'll be stocking up soon.

That's right. I thought the first thing I should sell on my blog would be this range of gorgeous 100% cotton (43"width) polka dots and stripey stripes fabrics for spring.

They're going for US5.50 | RM18 per meter. (Minimum 0.5 meters)

Just drop me an email stating colour and amount. From the top : Baby Pink Polka, Baby Pink Stripes, Baby Blue Polka, Baby Blue Stripes, Yellow and Pink Polka, Yellow and Pink Stripes.

Groovy Pink & Green Stripes, Groovy Pink & Green Polka, Striking Pink & Green Polka, Bright Orange and Pink Stripes, Bright Orange and Pink Polka!!

Red Piggy, Retro Yellow, Retro Reds.

To order : Just e-mail me at
To pay : Maybank Kawanku or Paypal
Shipping & Postage : Free for Crafters residing in Malaysia & Singapore. Shipping for the US and other countries will be via Post Malaysia and with registered mail. I will quote you the most effective & cost effective posting cost!

And to make this day extra special - Do join my list of shoppers on the right (Join my follower's list), leave me a comment and you might win a box of goodies from my studio shoppe. You know I'll be generous right! LOL! I'm leaving this sign-up till May 22nd 2009!! A draw will be made by Nigel and announced here.
So check back for some specials and perhaps some good news too.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It's my little studio shoppe of crafting supplies, sewing notions and some of my own creative creations. Check back later for my special launching giveway!

See Ya!