Friday, May 1, 2009

Button Packs | Like Candy In A Store!!

Finally packed and ready to go. These are my favourites. I know I've confessed many times that I simply adore buttons and I can't get enough of them. So if you also love buttons - here's my first batch of button packs. Happy shopping!!!

Magnetic snap buttons : 2 cm | US0.80 per set = RM2.50 per set

Magnetic snap buttons : 1.5 cm | US0.60 per set = RM2.10 per set

(SOLD OUT!) Purple Butterfly buttons : 4cm (width) | US0.90 per set of 3 = RM2.90 per set of 3

Hearts button pack : US1 per set of 6 = RM3.50 per set of 6

A Litter of Kittens : US1 per set of 6 kittens + 2 hearts = RM3.50 per set of 6 kittens + 2 hearts.

(SOLD OUT!) Will be restocked end of June! Micro Buttons : US1.20 a pack = RM4 a pack (contains approximately 40 buttons or more)

Spring Flower Buttons : US2 for 20 buttons = RM7 for 20 buttons (All pastel colour mix)

Mini Spring Flower Buttons : US1.80 for 20 buttons = RM6 for 20 buttons (All pastel colour mix)

To order : Just e-mail me at
To pay : Maybank Kawanku or Paypal
Shipping & Postage : Free for Crafters residing in Malaysia & Singapore. Shipping for the US and other countries will be via Post Malaysia and with registered mail. I will quote you the most effective & cost effective posting cost!

More to come next week!!! And Thanks for the support!!!


  1. Mel,

    I'd like to have one each of the following:
    1. "A litter of Kitten"
    2. micro buttons
    3. spring flower buttons

    reserve them for me, ya?

    Thank you.

    p/s: how do i pay you?

  2. Hi !
    I would like to have:
    2 mini spring flower buttons
    2 spring flower buttons
    1 micro buttons

    I can pay via paypal , right ? and could you please tell me how much i pay for a delivery to Vienna (austria) thank you !!

  3. wow.. so lovely and cute button..!!

  4. Hi. I would like the following if you still have any left:

    2x purple butterflies
    1x micro buttons
    1x spring flowers
    1x mini spring flowers

    Please bill me the total (send to and I will pay through Maybank.

    I will email you my address (I live in KL) as soon as I receive your bill :)

    Thank you very much!

  5. Hi,

    I would like to have
    1 X Micro buttons
    1 X spring flowers
    1 X mini spring flowers.

    Is it possible for u to email me and confirm my order, than i will bank in the money to you.


  6. Hi! Ila de cute,

    I don't have your email address. Can you send me an email to for your buttons orders? Thanks.


  7. hi, stock still available? I would like to have:-
    2xmagnetic snap buttons (2cm)
    2xbutterfly button
    2xsping flowers
    1xmini spring flowers
    1xini spring flowers

    Pls email me, nskannie at yahoo dot com to confirm order and give me ur maybank a/c details so that I can pay you via maybank online. Tks.

  8. dear Yoonie,

    If let say I want to purchase 50-100 units of magnatic snap, for 2cm measurement & 1.5cm .. how much would you give a discount. please email me at