Sunday, June 28, 2009


The biggest button collection ever! From sweet strawberries to daisies and micro buttons - I've restocked with a range of the cutest and most colourful button packs. Enjoy shopping!!!
SPECIAL : If you spend more than RM50, delivery is via Post Express (Instant Next Day Delivery!)
WEE-CARS : RM6.00 | US2.00 (11 cute little cars in 11 different colours!) SOLD OUT

6 SWEET STRAWBERRIES : RM6.00 | US2.00 (Delicious strawberries for felt creations and crafty toppers!)
SUGAR SQUARES : RM3.00 | US1.00 (Square Flat Nylon Buttons in funky colours.) SOLD OUT

SILHOUETTES (LIMITED EDITION) : RM4.00 | US1.50 (Per pack of 3 floral silhouettes) Please state which sets you'd like to have. See Below for the Individual sets.

From Left to right : SILHOUETTES SET A, SET B, SET C & SET D.


PASTEL MICRO CIRCLES : RM4.00 | US1.50 (More than 40 little buttons in pastel mix.) SOLD OUT

MARSHMALLOW COLOURS BUTTON PACK : RM5.50 | US 2.50 (5 large buttons in 5 different yummilicious colours) SOLD OUT

GOLD or ANTIQUE Magnetic snap buttons : 1.5 cm | US0.90 per set = RM2.70 per set

BIG FORGET-ME-NOTS : US2.00 for 8 buttons = RM7 for 8 buttons (All pastel colour mix)

MINI FORGET-ME-NOTS : US1.80 for 12 buttons = RM6 for 12 buttons (All pastel colour mix) SOLD OUT

FLUTTERBY DRAGONFLIES : US1.20 for 10 Acrylic buttons = RM3.80 for 10 buttons SOLD OUT

8 DUCKIES BUTTON PACK : US1.50 for 6 +2 ducklings = RM4.00 for 6 + 2 buttons (Choose Lavendar set or Pink Set. Each comes with 2 lime green duckies inside!)

CRAZY BUTTON PACK : US3.00 | RM8.00 for a pack of colourful heartshaped buttons. First 10 buyers of the crazy button pack receives a big heart button extra in their pack!!! SOLD OUT

MINI CANDY FLOWERS BUTTONS : RM7.00 | US 3.00 (With more than 40 buttons in a pack) SOLD OUT

BY THE SEA SHORE COLOURS BUTTON PACK : RM5.50 | US 2.50 (5 large buttons in 5 different seaside themed colours)

BUTTONS FROM MARS : RM6 | US 2.00 (8-Cute buttons with 6 holes!!!!!!)

BIG DOZEN DAISIES BUTTON PACK : RM8.00 | US 3.50 (12 large cute daisy buttons!) SOLD OUT

To order : Just e-mail me at
To pay : Maybank Kawanku or Paypal
Shipping & Postage : Free for Crafters residing in Malaysia & Singapore. Just add RM1.70 for registered mail. Shipping for the US and other countries will be via Post Malaysia and with registered mail. I will quote you the most effective & cost effective posting cost!

I still have some buttons from the previous button series. Browse through the old postings to see which one you'd like to have too. HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!


  1. Hi Yoonie,

    I've made a few orders..
    Hope.. its srill available.

  2. Hi Yoonie,
    Do you have any idea getting super tiny 2 hole opaque button (4 mm)assorted colors and tiny vintage style white colour buckle? Will you selling them?


  3. oOH...soo cute!!!...may i know how to order?

  4. hye yoonie, i want to order. already email you. did you get?

  5. Hi! reef,

    I didn't receive any orders from you. Can you resend them to Thanks.
    I will promptly attend to your orders!

  6. hai byk lagi ker button nih?? isk isk boleh gilerr la tgk butang cute miut ni..

    nanti place order kay..

  7. Hi Yoonie,

    I've received my crochet tape,so lovely! I can spend hours by looking at the crochet again n again n again! Now can't wait for my 2nd package to arrive...the buttons!

  8. yonnie already email you for the 2nd time.
    hope you get it.